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Compatible only with RINSEKIT PRO - This heater is sold separately and allows RINSEKIT PRO users to purchase a water heater designed specifically for their RINSEKIT model. (This water heater is the same as the one sold in the RINSEKIT PRO PACK).

The IMMERSION HEATER immersion heater is an electric water heater compatible with RinseKit PRO and PRO PACK portable showers. The stainless steel rod screws into the fill compartment of your PRO or PRO PACK and is powered by a trailer hitch power cord or 12V outlet. It can heat the water in your RinseKit up to 44 °c! It has a top LED display panel to show all warning signs, as well as a safety shut-off function so it doesn't overheat. When combined with the PRO or PRO PAK, the immersion heater allows you to take a hot shower anywhere, without using propane or other fuels.

• Mobile Heater - Heats water in RinseKit PRO or PRO PAK up to 44 degrees celcius by connecting to trailer hitch power cord or 12V outlet.

• LED Top Display Panel - Color-coded lights reflect heating system and warning signs.

• Stainless Steel Stem - Corrosion-resistant probe screws into the RinseKit fill compartment and does not need to be removed.

• Safety shut-off - The heater automatically turns off when the water reaches 44°C.

• 2.4m cord.

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