Payment by credit card:

All payments by credit card on are made via the STRIPE solution or PAYPAL

Whether you make your payment from a Windows PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, the payment page will adapt to the format of your screen.

Securing payments: You will generally be asked for a payment authorization request each time an order is finalized and you will therefore be subject to authentication. This consists of receiving a code on your smartphone or mobile application that you must enter on the payment page of your order in order to validate the payment. This step, which may seem restrictive, is above all put in place for your security and makes it possible to limit the use of fraudulent cards as much as possible.

Payment by Paypal™:

You can pay for your orders on using Paypal™, whether you have a Paypal account or not. Simply select the Paypal™ payment method and follow the instructions of the payment service online. Payment on Paypal™ allows you to pay for your purchases with your Paypal account or simply using your Bank Card on the Paypal™ interface.