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RINSEKIT PRO - Autonomous portable shower (with Battery) - Black

RINSEKIT PRO - Autonomous portable shower (with Battery) - Black

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The 13.3 liter RINSEKIT™ PRO is the first battery-pressurized Rinsekit model, offering a constant high-pressure spray that lasts up to 5 minutes . The pressurization offered by the battery is not only strong, but makes the RINSEKIT PRO easier than ever to use: just pour water into the top filling compartment , press the power button and spray ! No more filling your Rinsekit with pressure, the battery will take care of pressurizing the water itself!

The RINSEKIT PRO is perfect for avid surfers, campers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts who want more capacity plus the consistency, strength and convenience of battery-powered pressurization.

In detail:

Power supply by electric battery
Capacity of 13.3 liters
Spray time: 5-6 min (tested in real conditions)
Fills easily with hot or cold water
5-setting spray nozzle - Settings include stream, mist, center, flat and shower
Includes car and wall charger
Wide range of water temperatures (from 0.5 to 49°C)

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