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RINSEKIT CUBE - 15L autonomous portable shower (with Battery) - Black

RINSEKIT CUBE - 15L autonomous portable shower (with Battery) - Black

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The RinseKit Cube is our 15 liter portable shower that lets you freshen up wherever your adventure takes you. Featuring battery-powered pressurization , the Cube delivers consistent, high-pressure spraying that can remove the toughest dirt and grime. It's super easy to use - just pour water, press the power button and spray. It is built to last with military grade materials and is equipped with stainless steel fasteners for harsh road conditions . The Cube is the most robust, durable and intuitive portable shower on the market - designed to keep you clean, no matter where you go.

Features :

• Battery Powered Pressurization – Access pressurized water at the touch of a button thanks to a 12V 5Ah AGM battery.
• 15 liter capacity - For longer showers and extended spray times (up to 8:00 continuous on center).
• Easy to use - Simply fill via the top cap, press the power button and spray!
• Rugged – Made with military-grade materials to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.
• Designed for the road - Convenient shape, ergonomic carrying handle and stainless steel fasteners make transport and storage easy.
• High-tech IP65 waterproof control panel - Waterproof and resistant to the elements, displays internal water temperature and battery life.
• Power on the go – USB and 12-volt ports allow you to charge external devices anywhere.
• Long life – Rated for 15,000 hours of use and only needs to be recharged every few months.
• 2.1m hose and 5-setting spray nozzle - Settings include spray, mist, center, flat and shower.


Specificities :
• Capacity: 15 liters
• Dimensions: 30.48 cm L x 30.48 cm W x 35.56 cm H
• Weight: 6.8 kg empty | 21.32 kg full
• External materials: Military-grade, UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
• Internal battery type: 12V 5Ah AGM battery

Compatible accessories:

• Contactless automatic nozzle
• HyperHeater portable instantaneous water heater

Compatible accessories must be purchased separately.

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